Laser maze manufacturing and installation all over the world Price: from $5,799 ROI: from 1.5 months

What is laser maze?

Laser maze is a futuristic amusement. Player needs to get through the room filled with lots of laser beams without crossing them. Just like in spy movies.

If player touches a beam, he triggers a light and sound alarm. At the end of the game player can see their stats on the screen.

Tesla lasers offers 4 different game modes: spy (single player), team, survival, destroyer.

Laser maze - prize winning amusement!

Set a valued prize for “clean playthrough”.
Prizes can help you get even more attention!


Our projects

In the last 2.5 years we created more than 80 successful laser mazes all over the world

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why laser maze?

8 reasons to choose it

  • Fast ROI

    Make profits in just 1.5-3 months

  • Small Footprint

    We recommend 10*20 feet area (200 sq. feet). Room like this is easy to find and the rent is cheap

  • Full year profit

    No need to rely on the time of year or local activities - consistently increase your wealth every day

  • Strong “WOW” Effect

    Laser mazes are extremely popular in the USA since 2007

  • Don't be Site Dependent

    You can make mobile laser maze - just install it inside a trailer

  • Easy to Start

    Choose a place, order equipment and start earning money

  • Endless customers attention

    Stable customers flow guaranteed

  • Prize Winning Amusement

    You can set valued prize for “clean playthrough”. Prizes can help you get even more attention

Laser Maze - is a perfect opportunity to start your
own profitable business at the cost of iMac pro

Start gaining profits in less than two months

Watch our gameplay video

Packages and prices


$5,799 $7,550
  • Most affordable package - easy to start
  • Game interface touchscreen and remote control with your mobile phone
  • You can buy more equipment and gain even more profit anytime
  • Investment return:
    in 3 months
  • Net profit:
    $1,950 per month
  • Annual profitability:
basic laser maze Open configuration


$9,499 $11,800
  • Bestseller
  • Two-player game mode
  • Moving laser beams, “WOW”-effect, repeatable games, and recommendations
  • Investment return:
    in 1.5 months
  • Net profit:
    $5,800 per month
  • Annual profitability:
advanced laser maze Open configuration


$14,799 $19,899
  • Maximum profit!
  • Bigger footprint allows you to host tournaments and contests - wholesale games
  • Investment return:
    in 2 months
  • Net profit:
    $8,050 per month
  • Annual profitability:
enterprise laser maze Open configuration

Detailed configuration

- Basic
Room control unit (Controller, computer, Wi-Fi-switch, 220V power supply)
Laser Maze software S-Soft
Complete set of cables and connectors
Big (Ø 8”) game buttons with backlight (START,CHECKPOINT, FINISH)
532nm laser module (green) 5mW with radiator and mount 10 pcs 13 pcs 18 pcs
Laser receiver and laser reflection mirror with mount 10 pcs 13 pcs 18 pcs
Keypad to set difficulty level 1 pc 1 pc 1 pc
Game interface touch screen with mounting bracket 21'' 21'' 21''
LED strip RGB 16 ft 16 ft 32 ft
Audio speakers 40 W 40 W 80 W
Additonal CHECKPOINT button to allow co-op play - 1 pc 5 pcs
Moving lasers GoBeam-100 - 2 pcs 3 pcs
UV-lights BlackLight - 2 pcs 4 pcs
Fog machine with required solution - - 1 pc
FullHD video camera with infrared backlight - - 1 pc
Additional 50'' game screen - - 1 pc
Theming - inside luminescent banners - -
Design layout of outside banners - -


Walls are not included. You can install laser maze inside a ready room or build your own plasterboard room - it is cheap and easy.

The room can be of any shape.


Why us?

  • Control with mobile app

    We created a special app to control your Laser Maze. You can get access any time any place

  • Cashier control and stats

    You can see full played game stats for any day - number of plays, wins, losses, played time and result

  • Two different game modes

    Possibility for a two-player mode. Twice as many clients. Two-player game style attracts more customers

  • Control with mobile app

    We created a special app to control your Laser Maze. You can get access any time any place

  • Regular app updates

    Get new features and improvements for FREE!

  • Simple control panel

    Difficulty level settings, your own soundtracks, interface settings

  • Remote access, fast tech support

    We can carry out a diagnostic using remote access. Tech support works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

  • Touchscreen for players

    Players can choose suitable difficulty level for themselves and their fans can see live stats

  • Moving laser beams

    We create Laser Mazes with moving laser beams that react on crossing! Moving laser beams is a new interactivity level - full gameplay immersion

  • No fees

    There are even no hidden fees. You pay for your business package and that’s all

Game modes

Spy (single player)

In this mode, a player has to consistently disable all the alarms inside the room. The alarm can be disabled with special quest buttons.



In this mode, two players have to disable all the alarms inside the room. They have to push two buttons on the opposite sides of the room at the same time to do this.

Special offer!

Place an order till
the end of febrary
and get external
design layout for FREE!

Banner more than 320 sq. ft


What is package delivery time?

Producing one maze takes 1-2 weeks. Standard delivery time is about 1 week.

How to install laser maze?

  1. You can install it yourself using our instruction.
  2. You can order our installation. Our specialist can install it in 3-5 days depending on ordered option. Get installation price.

Is there a warranty?

There is a 1-year warranty on our product and you can prolong it.

How much does average game cost?

Depending on the place and city size it is about 5-7$.

What is average game time?

The average game lasts 1-1.5 minutes.

Max game time is 2-3 minutes and you can customize it.

Customizing is possible with your control panel.

How many players can play at the same time?

Usually, laser maze is a single-player game. In our laser maze, there is an additional two-player mode.

What is the target audience of Laser Maze?

First of all - children from 3 to 15 y.o.

Stats shows that 65-75% are children 3-15 y.o, 15-20% college students, 5-10% others.

Is it safe?

Yes. Our Laser Mazes are up to the world standards. We use lasers that comply with max permitted power (class 1 laser safety). Lasers also turn off if crossed.

Where can I set up Laser Maze?

Laser Maze can be placed indoors or outdoors:

  • Malls
  • Bowlings
  • Laser tag arenas
  • Amusement parks
  • Cinemas
  • Trampoline parks
  • Fairs

Is it possible to order a Laser Maze with the currency detector?

Yes, it is. It can be either banknotes acceptor or coin/game cards acceptor.

We do not recommend this option especially if your maze located far from your control because of potential vandalism acts.

Why do you create mazes exactly with green beams?

According to humans biology, a green color is very bright for the human eye. Green lasers are 10-20 times brighter than red or blue ones.

So due to safety limitations, it is more effective to use green modules.

Game process

Player (or two) comes into the Laser Maze room and gets through the web full of laser beams. Beam turns off if crossed and activates the light and sound alarm, while outside touchscreen shows the beam. Through the process player passes checkpoints (pushes buttons), solves puzzles and comes out through the same door as they got in. Usual quest lasts about 2-3 minutes (more if puzzle option is chosen).

How much power is needed to maintain Laser Maze?

Fog machine takes 900W and 400W power supply for the remaining equipment.

Equipment used in Laser Maze has an operating voltage of 5V and 12V. Excluding UV-lights, sound speakers, fog-machine.